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An Introcution to MIDI - the Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIDI introduction - PC Recording

Intro to MIDI - MIDIWorld

Introductory Material on MIDI - Harmony Central

  • Introduction into MIDI (1989) - A very good article for newcomers to MIDI, explaining how it came about, what MIDI messages are, and how MIDI devices can be connected, along with some additional references.
  • Exploring MIDI - A good source for learning the basics of MIDI as well as some of the more technical aspects.
  • USENET MIDI Primer (28K, 1989) - This gets into the more technical workings of MIDI, including electrical specifications data message structure.
  • Tutorial on MIDI and Music Synthesis (108K) - This tutorial covers the basics of MIDI systems and MIDI messages, but it also gets into synthesizer technology and terminology, focusing on wavetable and sample based synths (accompanied by pictures and diagrams). There is also some discussion of using PCs with MIDI and windows configuration.
  • MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center - Tutorials covering a variety of topics.
  • History of MIDI

Making Music With MIDI -

Tutorial on MIDI and Music Synthesis -

Midi and Music How-tos